This server is about awk scripting, more precise: scripting with gawk.

# awk 'BEGIN { printf ("Hello World!\n"); exit (0) }'
Hello World!

Most of the content is in English but parts are still in German and I think I'll keep it the way it is.

Please notice that I'm working on the server's content as I have time and ideas. There is no plan and no time schedule, it's a hobby thing. If you like to send comments, your favourite scripts or questions, send them to But do not expect immediate responses since I don't read my e-mail everyday.

This brings me to the next point. If you're sending e-mail please make sure that your subject shows that your e-mail is related to this server or one of the programs found here. Don't use subjects like "Hello", "Suggestions" or similiar. Such e-mails will most likely go directly into the trash with all the other spam I receive. Use something like "ftpysnc: bug report and feature request" instead.

This server uses the yawk wiki. If you're new to this and interested in what this means you might want to read the WikiUsageNotes.

If you expected to find the yawk wiki software here, please follow the link from below and update your bookmarks.

Table of Contents

The following things are available here:

awk Scripting
This part covers some explained awk scripts. This section contains also two C programs: connect and ftpsync.

syslog Logfiles
I've started to put some scripts related to logfiles and logfile analysis on the server.

yawk - yet another wiki klone
This is a wiki clone written in gawk. yawk is currently under redevlopment.

3q is a CGI script that executes awk code that is embedded into HTML files on your web server.

Download Directory
This directory contains the various gawk-Scripts on an unpacked as-is basis and the available tarballs. Use your browser's "Save as" function to store them.

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