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  1. Dear English reader, as you'll find, the German content is here. However some documents are in English.

  2. The documents here try to explain the ideas behind the scripts. Originally they were shown framed together with the script. You can however create the frames on your own: Choose the "Info" link in the navigator above and then "Split screen", then you can display the script by opening it in the left frame.

  1. Allgemeines

  2. IP Nummern

    • ipsort - IP-Nummern sortieren
    • ipnumbers - IP-Netze ausgeben
    • ipdata - Interface Konfigurationsdaten ausgeben
    • ipgrep - IP-Nummern grep'en
    • ipmatch - best-matching IP-Netze ausgeben

  3. Scripting

  4. Network Programming

    • pop3client - fetch e-mails from a POP3 server and submit them to the local sendmail. [script]
    • connect - this C program enhanced gawk's networking. [manpage]
    • ftpsync [gawk prototype] - this is a prototype of an file synchronization program using FTP. [script]
    • ftpsync - this document describes the C implementation of ftpsync.
      Basically a copy&paste rewrite from the prototype documentation. From the programmer's point of view it was amazingly simple to make the C version from the prototype. Only when it came to directory recursion it was really difficult, but this wasn't part of the prototype.

  5. Scripts

    These are the scripts as found in the download directory:

  6. Shell Scripts Well these are not awk scripts but they can be used as awk helpers.

    Both scripts are available from the shell-scripts download directory.

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