This is yawk's homepage, yawk version 2.

yawk is "yet another wiki klone", one among a lot of others. I decided to write yawk because the available wikis had either not the formatting capabilities I wanted to have (missing table support is one example), used formatting rules I didn't like (and you might not like mine) or imposed too much requirements for my understanding of a wiki (mysql database installation with or without php installed).

yawk is written in gawk. The exact requirements are:

yawk does especially neither require a certain HTTP server like apache nor an installed database. The above things are enough. If you have a recent distribution you should already have it. Try "gawk --version" to see which version you have.

yawk Version 2

Version 2 is a rewrite of the version 1 series. I was unhappy with all the scripting features that I added to yawk. This introduced a lot of errors and made it very difficult to maintain. I started making another wiki processor and played around with it for some time. Finally I came back to yawk and decided to take the best of both processors into one.

yawk is in beta status. So not everything might work as you expect. The same for the documentation, it does not fully match what the script really does.


2007-05-11 -- Important bug fix
Important: I found a serious bug in yawk that keeps search engines from indexing a yawk driven wiki. Version 2.0.0-beta5 solves this. Instructions

  1. Download the beta-5 from the link above,
  2. unpack and use the updated wiki.cgi.

That's all.

You also might want to verify the situation on your own. Here is how-to:

  • Open any wikifile,
  • go to its infopage, and
  • choose the crawler mode in the open dialog.

This displays the wikipage as it is returned to recognised search engines. The difference to normal display is not the problem, this is intended and useful (otherwise search engines get lost in splitted screen modes etc.). The problem is in the tag

<META NAME="robots" CONTENT="noindex, nofollow">

which instructs search engines to stay away. After the update the tag is not longer inserted (the tag is a relict from yawk version 1).

What next?
I fixed this on awk-scripting some days ago and today the pages seem to reappear on Google.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Placed 2.0.0-beta4 on the server. Changes are dot-DIV markup and the wiki default fonts.

Another beta, I think this is the final one. I worked on the documentation, especially the Installation Guide is updated. What I would like to add is a list of features together with configuration hints. Fetch 2.0.0-beta3 from the download area.

So there's 2.0.0-beta2 as a first beta available, see the download area. It's more or less a comlete rewrite of yawk version 1. If you are an upgrader you should make sure to read the documentation first.


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